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We have just launched a brand new range of super refreshing St. Mel’s Brewing Company Craft Beers at Zaragoza, the perfect beverage to compliment your meal!

A small independent brewery established in Longford in 2013, producing 3,000,000 litres of beer per year for the Irish and exports market. St. Mel’s brew the highest quality beers from the best available ingredients in an all-natural, small batch process with no chemicals or preservatives… they’re absolutely delicious AND the all-natural ingredients mean less of a hangover!

Choose from our Brown Ale, Pale Ale, Helles Lager, Spring Bock or IPA. With a wide variety of tastes and flavours among them, we have a little something for everyone!

Brown Ale

brown ale

Brown Ale has flavours of malt, chocolate, caramel and freshly brewed coffee, with aromas of tobacco and a hint of liquorice. We recommend you pair this beer with our roasted meat dishes and chocolate desserts such as our Mini Chargrilled Lamb Chop or Chocolate Fondant.

Helles Lager

helles lager

Helles Lager has a medium dry, malty flavour with a slight hint of fruit and grainly sweet aromas which pairs perfectly with our pork, chicken, white fish or steak dishes like our Crispy fresh catch of the day in Tempura with light Lemon Dill Mayonnaise or Pork and Chorizo Cassoulet. We also have Helles Lager on draught!


pale ale

IPA has a bitter, tropical flavour with aromas of citrus and fruit. We recommend you pair this beer with our spicy dishes such as our spicy chorizo in a sweet pepper and tomato sauce or our spiced beef and pork meatballs. The flavours compliment each other wonderfully!

Pale Ale

pale ale 2

Pale Ale has a fruity flavour with hints of caramel and aromas of citrus and pine. Ideal for craft beer newbies! Why not try this out with our Free range Chicken Breast in a creamy and garlic sauce. A match made in heaven!

Spring Bock

spring bock

Spring Bock is from the St. Mel’s seasonal range and won the gold medal at the Killarney Beer Festival! This beer has flavours of caramel and bread with slightly sweet aromas of malt. We recommend you pair this beer with our red meat and pork dishes such as our Mini Pig Burger or Filete de Ternera 5oz Prime Irish Fillet Steak.

Happy Tasting!


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